Welcome to Phantom Records

About Us

We are a partnership and a product-based, music business that sells DJ mixes for legal, digital download. We do this using software developed by Legitmix. Our mixes cost $5.00 plus the price of any music you haven’t already bought using iTunes.

We specialize in making mixes from your existing music collection. We do this by making a mix of popular music you probably already have, and then by searching to see if you do. If you do, we deduct it from the price. You can get an idea of our quality by going to our Shop and clicking a ‘play’ button. To see our mixes, click Shop. To see how we adhere to copyright law, click Copyrights. To make a custom mix go to Login and click “Register.”

To buy a mix legally, go to our Shop and click a “buy” button.

About Our DJ Mixes

Our DJ mixes ‘blend music together.’ Also known as non-stop mixes, they ‘blend’ from song to song, creating an uninterrupted listening experience. This requires beat-matching skill and incorporates timed transitions between songs. To read more, click DJ Mixes. To ‘hear what we mean,’ click a play button from one of the mixes listed in Shop.

About Our New Home On MixCloud

We were disappointed to learn that Live 365 has shutdown its service. The music industry is experiencing many changes as it grapples with New Media such as Social Media, Streaming, and YouTube. We have moved our music to MixCloud and you can go there to listen to our mixes and know that while you listen, the artists, record labels, graphic designers, and everyone in between are getting their share of payment because MixCloud pays licensing to stream the music you hear. Our mixes there also have a track list so you can link to any song playing during your uninterrupted listening experience. We will always ensure that our products pay full licensing so that everyone entitled to get paid gets paid.


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